Reality TV Star, Singer, Writer, Beast: Monalisa Brown

“It’s not reality TV, it is re-lie-ty TV.”


Monalisa Brown was a contestant on the third season of the popular VH1 reality TV show, Flavor of Love. At least that is what the executives at VH1 want viewers to think. Brown was actually hired as an actress to play, in her own words, “the villain of the season.” On Flavor of Love, Monalisa would go by the name “Shy,” and in her role as the main villain of the show Brown was tasked with creating fights with the other girls on the show to create interesting drama. To put it lightly, Monalisa did not enjoy her experience on the show. She described instances in which she would get in fights with girls, detailing one time where a knife was involved, but was only allowed to get physical if it was in self-defense. After filming half the season, Monalisa could not take anymore, and had to quit the show for her own health. Now if this is where the story ended then we may not be talking about Monalisa Brown.

To explain “Shy” sudden absence from the show, the writers concocted a story line in which “Shy” has to leave because of a toothache. Monalisa filmed this part, and moved on with her career. That was what she thought, but then the season aired and something was different. Due to the power of editing, “Shy’s” reason for leaving the show was because she had bad breath. A humiliating lie that Brown had no knowledge about before hand. Little did the producers of Flavor of Love know that this stunt would create a fire inside of Monalisa.

At the heart of Monalisa Brown’s speech is a feeling of self worth and creating situations for yourself no matter the odds. With other speakers, they may talk about their main points, give a few examples and move on hoping they resonated with their audience. That’s not Monalisa as she forces attention from everyone, explains how she showed the producers who the hell she was, and demands her audience does the same.

The producers of Flavor of Love made one terrible mistake in burning the bridge with Monalisa. Since she was the main villain of the show they needed her for the reunion. The reunion would be boring without the person who stirred the pot the entire season Monalisa used this as an advantage to launch her own career higher than any other girl on the show could possibly dream of. She forced them to allow her to create a song for the show, which was played during the reunion. This launched her touring career in which she has traveled overseas for. That then lead to her receiving more hosting opportunities, and most recently writing a book. Monalisa took people that thought they had all the advantages over her, turned them around, and showed them who had the real power.

Monalisa preaches about the importance of creating opportunities. While not a completely original idea, no other speaker has had the experience she has had to back it up. She succeeded in her goal as a speaker, and inspired many people in the process.

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